I grew up in a small town outside of Athens, Georgia. I completed my B.A. in History and Modern Languages (Spanish), cum laude, and an Honor’s program graduate at Georgia Southern University. Growing up in the South fostered a love of college sports, especially football. I received my M.A. in History with an emphasis in Latin America at the University of Arizona. Currently, I work as a Program Administrator of Internal Grants. Previously, I served as the Assistant Director of Nationally Competitive Scholarships where I supported applicants through the application processes of major awards. Additionally, I’m completing my dissertation. In my free time, I enjoy exploring television series and movies with my husband, playing with my cat, Isabella, working out, hiking, traveling, and photography. All images featured on this site were taken by me unless otherwise noted.

My research interests stem from my experiences as a first-generation college graduate. I became interested in Latin America after taking courses in undergrad. A Spanish department course on Southern Cone Culture led me to Chile. The professor recounted his life in Chile during the Pinochet years and piqued my curiosity. I came to the University of Arizona to work under the supervision of Professor Jadwiga Pieper Mooney, a Chilean history specialist. I completed my M.A. in History with the guidance of Professor Bert J. Barickman (DEP), Professor Fabio Lanza, and chaired by Professor Jadwiga Pieper-Mooney. In my M.A. Thesis, I examined three student groups and their role in politics inside the space of the Universidad de Chile during the Pinochet regime.

During the 2016-17 academic year, I served as the Executive Vice President of the University of Arizona’s Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC).

Current Research:

My dissertation project expands on my thesis research. I examine Chilean student networks, their connection to political parties, and the continuity and change in mobilization from 1964-1990 (through the Frei, Allende, and Pinochet years). However, the geographical focus shifts from the Universidad de Chile to other universities in Santiago and in the peripheral cities of Valparaíso and Concepción. Professor Jadwiga Pieper Mooney (chair), Professor Fabio Lanza, and Professor Kevin Gosner serve on my dissertation committee and supervise my Ph.D work.

I spent the 2018 academic year in Chile as a Fulbright Scholar.